Grand Savings Bank Unveils New Mission Statement    

A growing team, evolving culture, and enlarged footprint served as catalysts for changing our mission statement that was recently revealed to our team at a bank-wide team meeting. Each team member was supplied with plaques for their desks with the new statement to serve as a reminder each day of why we do what we do.

While revealing the new statement to our team, Guy Cable, our CEO, challenged our team to look forward and not backward and to make 2018 a year of reducing friction for our customers and our team.

The new mission statement has three focuses that serve as guidelines for new hires, internal promotions, and everyday bank functions.

–First and foremost “we are a community bank”: We feel that committing to our communities and giving back are the fundamental basis of our existence. All decision-making processes should consider whether new changes continue to enable us to serve our communities.

–Where “Life is GRAND”: Grand Savings Bank is not only a great company to work for but also a FUN place to work.  If what we are doing isn’t making life GRAND, then we aren’t doing something right.

–“Our team is empowered to deliver the best financial experience”: It is important to the future of our bank that we hire individuals that can be empowered to deliver the absolute best financial experience, regardless of their job duty from top level to entry level.  If a team member cannot be empowered, we have an issue to address.


At Grand Savings Bank we are excited about the year ahead! #LifeIsGrand Grand Savings Bank Unveils New Mission Statement    

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